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I bumped up my Amazon ads AMS spend a little and refreshed the keywords as well. I emailed this newsletter to all of my subscribers — those who live both in and outside the US — on the same day as my international BookBub Featured Deal. I also posted to my Facebook page and asked friends to share.

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While I expected to land in the average sales range for an international-only feature in my genre horror this time , I was shocked to find that I sold more than double that amount over the first two days, and nearly triple for the promo period. I sold far more than the average in the first 12 hours alone!

BookBub Advice (Writer Wednesdays)

That may sound low to those of us running BookBub US deals in other genres, but this is a smaller genre in a different market. In total, I sold copies of both the book featured and its companion volume. Each is standalone, so that level of buy-through speaks volumes pun intended.

After your book launch: some strategies

My largest retailer was, by far, Amazon. Kobo was first in sales for all other retailers. Below is a chart for my Amazon sales with two big spikes. The first is the BookBub feature, while the second is the result of the newsletters by fellow authors. Sales of the series I promoted in my back matter picked up in the UK quite a bit, and sales of all my books increased in both the US and international markets.

And I finally got some reviews overseas! I also gained valuable newsletter subscribers from outside the US as well as within the US , as well as Facebook likes from readers everywhere. All of these will help amplify my future releases or promotions and are awesome people to know. Did my international performance help secure that US BookBub?

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  • My BookBub Promo and Results.
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  • If you happen to be selected for an international-only deal, go ahead and sigh, but then consider all the real benefits you can gain. I can honestly say the book benefited from this strategy well into late September and did not start to drop off considerably until October 5.

    Book sales increased significantly as well. The author and I were both really impressed, because remember, we intentionally did no other promotion during this period. It was hard, but it was a risk she was willing to take with me in order to really test this theory.

    BookBub Offers Daily Deals on Free or Discounted Ebooks

    Extended ad stacking over a 5-day period following her Bookbub deal really paid off not only for this title. The author has a great big-picture attitude as well. She was pleased with all the exposure it no doubt brought to her other books. Ad stacking on top of the existing sale price works.

    4 Replies to “My BookBub Promo and Results”

    Ad stacking to carry this book through a long sale period, worked even better. Book sales enjoyed a strong initial spike, and then carried through for a longer period. This ultimately helped to spike the Amazon algorithm. The books main theme is that an average girl marries royalty.

    Sell more books this year. Contact us for your personalized assessment. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    How I Rocked an International-Only BookBub Deal

    The book that is discounted often sells at a higher level after the daily deal than it did before, even though it has returned to the regular price. On the day of the promotion, it sold thousands of copies; afterward, the book sold steadily at twice the level before the promotion, Mr. Steinberger said. Tim Lavalli, a writer in Berkeley, Calif.

    9 Reasons a Book Was Rejected for a BookBub Featured Deal

    It takes little time — and hardly any money — to download e-books when they are on sale, Mr. Lavalli said, making it easier to give up on a book if it does not keep his interest. McCourtney, who has published 42 novels, said it was a career first. Log In. The next day, boom: it sold 13, copies.