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Thunderbolt 3 Dock Buying Guide & FAQ

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Best laptop docking stations of 12222

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Hp thunderbolt dock g2 troubleshooting

Sponsor: HP Inc. The personal information you provide will be used according to the HP Privacy Statement. Clear search box. Enter your email address below and we will notify you when this product becomes available Nofify me. Click to zoom. This is somewhat less than a lot of the devices on this list but it should still provide you with enough power to charge a lightweight laptop and maybe power a few other peripherals. Obviously, compared to the higher outputs on this list, 60w is quite disappointing but 60w is actually still a reasonable amount of power on its own right.

If maximum power delivery is a must-have for you though, then you are far better off looking at some of the other docks on this list instead. The build quality of this device is very good thanks to its partly aluminum construction. This means the overall durability of the device is very good and it should survive most falls and impacts without any issues. The middle layer of the device is plastic, however, so a significant impact to that part of the device may cause some level of damage.

This is just something to be aware of if you do decide to go with this device. It is still a great device though and if the specs meet your needs then you will probably find it to be a worthwhile purchase. Akitio is another company famed for producing a number of great connectivity devices and their Thunderbolt 3 dock Pro is easily the pick of the bunch, with an excellent selection of ports and a great design. As good as this selection is though, there are some notable absentees including, once again, an HDMI ports and an Audio Jack.

The dock has a power delivery of 60w, meaning that although it will be able to charge most lightweight laptops, it is still below par compared to some of the more powerful docks on this list. The construction is another area where the dock really makes its mark. It is an excellent looking device with a full aluminum build, giving it a high level of durability. The difference between this device and a lot of the other docks on this list is that Akitio has given a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the device.

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This attention has allowed them to produce a dock that most people would be happy to have sitting on their desks, as it is not only stylish but also relatively compact, considering how many ports it has. Like the StarTech dock though, the finish Akitio has applied to this dock could be prone to scratches so the stylish design comes at a bit of a price. Aside from a slightly disappointing power output, this dock is more or less the complete package.

It is packed with a large number of different ports and from an aesthetics point-of-view, it is arguably the best looking dock on the market. It goes without saying then, that this is a company you can trust when it comes to Thunderbolt products. The Echo 11 Thunderbolt 3 Dock is their flagship offering to the world of docking stations and it is one of the companies most highly rated products to date.

This means that if you use any devices that have less mainstream ports you will need to look elsewhere or buy an adapter. There are also no dedicated USB-C ports on the device. With a power delivery of 87w, this dock offers the highest power output from a single port on this list. What is important to note here though is that the TS3 Plus is known to offer 15w from its secondary Thunderbolt 3 port, on top of the 85w that the primary port provides, giving it w of power delivery in total.

The Echo 11 has a very similar construction the CableMatters dock with a plastic middle layer sandwiched between two aluminum plates. As such, the durability of this device will be decent but not perfect as the plastic layer presents a weak point in the structure of the device. This dock is a pretty good all-rounder. It has a decent selection of ports that will fit most needs and the power delivery specs are very high.

It also has a nice, sleek design albeit at the cost of some structural integrity. Although this variety of ports should suit most people it is hard to ignore the fact that certain mainstream ports are still missing from this dock, such as an HDMI port and an SD Card Reader. The dock does have an Audio Jack though which is something a lot of docks also seem to leave out so props to Plugable for that.

The power delivery of this dock is decent but fairly average as far of docks go. Having said that, if you take the laptop out of the equation and charge it straight from the mains, 60w should be plenty of power for your other devices provided their batteries are small. The dock has an aluminum construction giving it increased durability over the plastic docks Plugable are famous for.

It is also a very stylish device with curved edges and a stand that allows it to sit upright rather than flat on the desk. The stand itself is made of plastic but given how light it is, the chances of it breaking from a drop are slim.

Cable Matters Thunderbolt 3 docking station

Therefore, as far as construction goes, this is a solid device. Everything this dock has been designed to do it does well. The issues with this dock are more to do with what was left out. The power output is wanting and a few extra ports would have also been nice.

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The Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock is a solid little dock that is often overlooked because of its somewhat inflated price-tag. It is, however, a great device that offers excellent build quality and reliability. The inclusion of the DisplayPort once again means that this device lacks an HDMI port but on the plus side, it does have two Audio Jacks which is something not seen on any of the other docks in this guide.

There is, however, no SD Card Reader on this device. The dock is capable of power delivery of up to 85w. This is the case with most of the pricier docks on this list, so it is no surprise to see this amount of power being offered on this device. Anything less would have made the price tag largely unjustifiable.

Not much has been said about the secondary Thunderbolt 3 port on this dock so it is unclear if it is able to offer any power output of its own. One of the things that make the Belkin dock a worthy inclusion in this guide is its construction and more specifically its build quality. The dock has an aluminum outer construction with a plastic core but unlike with some of the other plastic and aluminum builds in this guide, the whole device feels incredibly solid. Works well with Linux, Ubuntu I am using this with a Lenovo Yoga and Ubuntu It works flawlessly.

Display outputs, USB hub, offline charging USB port, Ethernet, power pass-through, and audio all work for me in the current Linux kernel with no special drivers or other hoops to jump through. Everything also runs at full 40Gbps speed as far as I can tell. Mine came with a 0.

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  4. I have not tried to do this. Unlike the Dell TB16 and some others, this cable is type-c at both ends, meaning you could replace it with a longer cable if you wanted. Early reviews show issuess with the unit. Perhaps one minor concern, and I cannot pin it on this unit, is a copy procedure seemed to pause in ONE direction.

    Then I tried to copy from internal drive back to OTHER usb 3 external, it all copied fine, but seemed to pause when the computer still went to sleep. This could be an OS thing. I just set power to never sleep for that transfer and no issues. There are some issues See All Buying Options. I like the ability to just plug in one cord to my laptop and have all my peripherals and my laptop charging.

    There have been a lot of negative reviews on this product, but I don't understand why. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the product that tell you to update the BIOS and install the drivers.

    This TB docking station is simply amazing. If you own a Dell laptop and are looking Got this as an upgrade to a first-generation Thunderbolt iMac that's starting to show its age; particularly in the connectivity area. It has slow USB ports, so my external drives were sometimes painfully slow.

    Ars tests a bunch of docks and hubs to see which are worthy of a spot on your desk.

    And I've often wanted a second network port my network has two subnets. The Elgato dock solves both those problems beautifully. Setup was super-easy. You basically just plug it in. The dock seems well made and complements the look of the Mac. I love that the main connectors are on the rear panel; I can tuck it under the screen of the iMac to hide the cable clutter.